Saturday, 21 February 2009

Muck, luck and thoughts on discretion

February is muck spreading time around here, we are late. Somehow we are always late - late with the muck, late with the spraying and late with the haymaking. There is, however, one great advantage to being late and that is that since everyone else has already done it they don't mind lending gear to a neighbour. In this way we got loan of a Macormick MTX something and a fair sized slurry tanker ( along with as much free slurry as we could shift) this did the job in far less time than our little Fordson Major would have managed and gave my daughter the engineering student the opportunity to play with the big toys.

Today was another story, they say that discretion is the better part of valour - well I looked at the weather today and decided that any attempt to lunge, walk or ride anything would probably not end well. 14 mile an hour winds gusting to 32, a lunging arena on top of a hill and in close proximity to my flappy-sheeted haystack - hmmm doesn't really bode well.
Harvey tied up okay but was very distracted by next door's trees, kids and just about anything going. He kept doing his pull back routine and we had to have a slight discussion about that ( I don't want any more broken headcollars, ropes or tying up rings) and in the end I was able to leave him tied while I mucked out his stable so we finished on a good note at any rate.

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