Friday, 27 February 2009

Dogs, transitions and the dreaded green car

Yesterday I decided it would be a good idea to take my dog up to the lunge arena with Holly and (hopefully ) get him to lie sensibly by the fence while she worked. If I could do this it would at least cut out one of the episodes of running to the house depositing dog etc.
The problem with the dog is that he is clingy and gets separation anxiety and starts chewing himself when he's away from me for any time. Basically he's Emo Puppy !
So he was thrilled to come with me but also would not lie by the fence - he had to sit inside the circle with me ( as had alrready been predicted he would do). He was pretty good and Holly couldn't have cared any less than she did about him being there apart from giving him some very dirty looks when he couldn't resist the urge to sniff her hocks.
What is it with dogs and horse's hocks ?
I did make a discovery early on and that was that Holly is either very bad at transitions or selectively deaf. I spotted a stone on the track and called her to walk so I could go out and move it but she just kept trotting - eventually I had to walk out to her to get her to stop. You can guess what the focus of the rest of the session was !
Neo went into the house while I dealt with Harvey ( just in case of any shenanigans) but Harvey turned out to be 100% better than Holly. We finished off with the walk along the private road again and when we got to the end he was all for turning around and going straight back - hmm, okay, so we did a couple of circles there and then stood and watched traffic for a bit first.
My morning's ride was once again haunted with text messages and phone calls and a flying spook at a ( OMG!) green car that we have seen a billion times before. I probably confused the hell out of the old lady at the bus stop by turning multiple circles in the road with Fally snorting and huffing at this parked car untill he finally decided it was really a boring car and was stopping him from going home. It was just after this that my phone rang and I snapped "Hello" into in a rather impatient way. It was Craig telling me I could collect my computer ( oops - don't want to upset him).
I did apologise to him later when I went into the shop to finally collect my long-absent machine. It cost less than he'd quoted too so I can forgive him for phoning at inappropriate times.
Today I have decided is a day off as far as working horses is concerned. There's far too much other stuff going on. Also it rained which means that the ramp and arena are slippery and I don't have to feel guilty about grooming and turning them all out.
Today the farrier is coming, I have to shop ( vast amounts of dog food etc) and I'll be visiting my grandson. The farrier called to say he'll be late - about 2 instead of the usual 11, this messed things up some until my daughter and her sometimes-kinda-wannabe-boyfriend volunteered to step in and see to that for me as it just so happens to be their day off.
This helps me out a lot - so why am I feeling resentment ? Why do I suddenly feel like I'm sharing something I don't want to share ??
Also my tendency to micro-manage stepped in, they are both perfectly capable of bringing in and hosing off 3 horses, they know the farriers and they know where everything is so then why did I suddenly have to start explaining everything in minute detail including telling her multiple times NOT to tie Harvey ?

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