Monday, 2 March 2009

An interesting weekend.( part one)
The farrier visit was fun ( as expected) they managed to mess about and not allow enough time - I ended up driving my daughter to the yard at 1.30, giving her the keys and wishing her good luck. By the time I was half way home the farrier had phoned me to say he'd be there in 10 minutes. To give her her due she did manage to tice Fally into his stable with promises of food but then he barged her out of the way and legged it back up the field. They eventually managed to get them all in just in time for the farriers to arrive.
Saturday got off to a calm start - no kids in sight ( no surprise there) but good company at any rate and we had the usual gossip session before going across to the yard.
My friend Gemma had a riding lesson ( hmm - best to explain here - there are 2 Gemmas and to make it even more confusing they both ride !) So, Gemma (Nevergrowup) had a riding lesson and they went out on a hack - now normally this would be a good thing but this time they met the motorcyclist from Hell - he either had no brains or no brakes ( actually I suppose he could have been brakeless AND brainless) whatever - he managed to cause absolute chaos with the school hack, kids and ponies everywhere and Gemma's horse reared, spun and catapulted her into a hedge. To make matters worse she got the reins wrapped round her finger in the confusion so when she turned up at the yard ( having driven) she had what apeared to be a broken finger. Gemma (Shamrock) shot off with her to get it x-rayed and, as luck has it, it's not broken just badly sprained. They have, however, treated it in the same way as they would if it was broken - she now has 2 fingers strapped together which makes life interesting for her to say the least. No riding or martial arts for at least 3 weeks and as her job is about 98% keyboard orientated she's going to have fun with that too- so here's a bunch of flowers to cheer her up !
( and a jar of homemade Marmalade - I know you'll find someone to open it for you !)


  1. Thank you for the Marmalade and flowers : ), please forgive any typos

  2. :-D
    No probs. Enjoy - just don't get toast crumbs stuck inside your dressing ( ouch!)