Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Discussions with Harvey, a change in the weather, the return of George and numerous dead fish....

Harvey does not like me touching the top of his head, it makes him move backwards, this has always been an issue and something we have just dealt with, It makes grooming and bridling difficult but at least in a stable he backs into the wall and that's about it. Clipping and bridlepaths usually tend to involve someone standing on a beer crate. On the yard it's a different story. I have read somewhere that the correct method is to place one hand on top of the head, one on the nose and wait. Yeah well, that didn't work - maybe it would have if I was actually tall enoough to do it - I'm 5 ft 7 and even standing on tiptoes and stretching straight up like some sort of demented ballerina in boots I still can't reach.I can, however, reach his forelock or scratch the base of an ear - great he goes backward so I lead him forward and try again, same result. Now I'm sure this activity would please my physiotherapist but personally I wass finding it boring and unproductive, circling the yard and tying back up produced the same effect so I figured it was about time to introduce Mr Schooling whip. Right hand goes up, Harvey goes back and WTF ?? comes back forward again. It's times like this when I wish I had 3 arms. A few of these back and forwards episodes and he seemed to get the gist - it's nicer to get your head scratched than to get your butt prodded with the business end of a schooling whip.
I had to reinforce that again today but I expected that. He now has clean ears which is a bonus.
The rain which had been threatening all Tuesday morning decided to go for it just as I brought Fally out, he looked at me like " Are you serious ?" lol, nope, I wasn't THAT serious at any rate. I turned them all out and went home and spent the afternoon fiddling about with George.
I should explain that George is actually my PC - recently resurrected from some sort of cyber-death and has been sitting under the desk waiting for me to actually find time to do something about him. Well that time was yesterday afternoon and, apart from finding that my light up USB hub has apparently gone walkabout ( probably in protest at George's prolonged absence), all is well there and I am back up to speed. I even managed to import my bookmarks from the stand-in machine. No doubt I will find a few things I forgot to install (Flash player, Adobe reader, Yahoo messenger etc) but that's all just minor details - the main stuff is in now and the stand in can finally stand down.
Recieved an alarm call just as we were about to go to get the horses in, Sy's heater had packed in and half his fish were dead - could he bring the survivors here - okay, I said, but where will they go ? One of my tanks is mysteriously acidic and the other contains the piscine version of The Terminator ( it kills anything that happens to be smaller than it is), my daughter said they'd go in her tank so I said yes, whatever. He turned up with a coffee jar with three very sad and sick looking fish that all died within half an hour. My daughter somehow managed to lose her phone in all the confusion and, of course, it has a flat battery so we can't even find it by calling it - naturally it has ALL her phone numbers and she uses it as an alarm as well as a watch so she's totally lost and freaking out about it *head-desk*, I suggested if she cleans her room she may find it...........

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  1. Sounds like youv'e been having fun again! lol life is never simple!!!