Thursday, 19 March 2009

Naked Time !

Bet that caught your attention !!
The weather has been amazing and I have been wussy on account of the guys being partially clipped but today was the clincher - 16degrees (c) and blue skies equals Naked Time ! and we seem to have actually run out of mud in the field - out all day nude and they still managed to come in clean.

This week I decided to have a change in routine - to stagger the day off and make it a serious grooming session. So, as a result, on Tuesday I spent an hour and a half grooming Holly ( wearing a dustmask !), Wednesday was Harvey's day and today was Fally's - my shoulders ache, lol, but the horses are silky and shiny and still moulting !
I have 2 kids currently in Germany on a "study tour" with the college - already we have had phone calls from an army base who'd had my daughter's bag and phone handed into them. Big thanks to them and especially Corporal Adams who phoned me, she now has the phone and bag back and even the debit card that she was so worried about. Did you know that you cannot cancel a card for a family member under any circumstances without a court order or death certificate ? - I tried - they said she had to do it herself.
The orange wine has gone into the demi-jars today and is happily bubbling away in the kitchen ( smells wonderful) and my youngest hit 16 today - should that make me feel old ?


  1. No your ain't old, you are only old when you finish at night and everything hurts..........

    Okay we are both old

  2. aww, happy birthday to your youngest :) I can't wait for our barn area to dry up so we can get outside and enjoy fresh air. Our indoor arena is soooo dusty. I keep thinking of buying those painting masks. I end up sneezing dust for the next 3 days!

  3. The dustmask is great - unless you happen to wear glasses - it manages to channel your breath up over the nose piece and steam up your glasses then all the hair sticks to them !