Monday, 16 March 2009

Home brewing and sitting trot.

Well I managed to get in a visit to the home brewing shop on Friday and finally get the bungs and airlocks for the demi jars so I guess we'll be starting the home brew sometime next week. The book I ordered from Amazon turned up - excellent wine- making book from the 60's - somehow my copy of it had gone missing over the years since we last did this so I was really pleased to be able to get another copy. Very natural recipes that don't rely on chemicals and aren't terribly fussy.
Our first 2 brews will be orange wine ( mainly because I went crazy and bought far too many oranges when John wanted to make marmalade so I have half a fridge full of them !) and ginger which we know from experience is very good.
Horse-wise, Fally is finally sound again so we have been able to do a bit of pottering around - it was quite strange to actually ride Harvey after all this time !. On Friday it was blowing a gale and he was looking rather like a giraffe on speed, he even spooked at his own tail !
Fally being lame has meant that I couldn't work on my position - something that has been bugging me since I saw the physio last year. Apparently my posture has been severely affected by me compensating for back pain. Basically I have been doing a work-around for the last 10 years or so and finding ways to do things that don't hurt. As a result my left side is weaker than my right, muscle lengths are less and I twist in everything I do. Obviously this has carried through into my riding ( and explains the state of my old saddle and Fally's tendency to bend to the left even when he's supposed to be going straight).
Well today was a challenge in that - Gemma offered to lunge me ! Her revenge ? - Noo seriously I've been wanting to do this and think we should make it a regular thing, unfortunately Gemma hasn't quite recovered from her session of that - she has a bad back now so partly because of that and partly because I haven't been lunged since I was about 12 I went wuss and added a neckstrap to the kit !
The house is strangely quiet as the two middle kids have gone off to Germany on a field trip with the college - they left last night. So for this week there are just 4 of us here.

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