Friday, 24 April 2009

Farting farriers and The Blob revisited

Falco did not get his day off. On consideration I decided to ride him before the farriers arrived ( it tends to make life easier for them too) and then see how the time went. As it worked out Harvey got the day off instead but he's one of those that it doesn't seem to bother anyway.
The farriers were late and I was killing time weeding between the cobbles with a hoofpick when they arrived.
They were bemoaning the fact that they'd stopped for chips before coming to me and were now all full and not really prepared to deal with Fally ( who has been used as a test subject for a progression of apprentices). For some reason they were also being silly and farting on each other - apparently this was started when one fed the other's sandwiches to the dog earlier in the day. Anyway, Fally at least was very well behaved and didn't try to sit on George or snatch his feet away or fart on anyone.
Once that was all sorted I had shopping of sorts - 90 odd lbs of fresh dogmeat, carrots apples etc. I got somewhat sidetracked at home as Asti had decided that she wanted to make dandelion wine and had been out collecting bags of flower heads. We ended up hanging around for a while decoding the recipe book for her - it's lbs and ozs and she's used to grams etc, we also managed to avert a potential disaster when she fluffed the yeast measurement - instead of 1.5 oz she got 15 oz - and I had sudden flash visions of returning from the shops to find active yeast boiling through the front door like a scene from "The Blob".
We finally managed to get to the market just before it shut and found there were no carrots anyway - we're in that weird time when the English carrots run out and the only ones you can get are expensive - usually lasts a few weeks then we'll be back to carrots at £1 a bag again. In the meantime I'll try at the feed store - she may have some ( although hers always cost more).
We were supposed to be visiting our grandson today but they've just moved house and are in total uproar and, apparently, not very well to boot. I'll phone in the week to see how things are going and maybe pay them a visit next week.

I have been persuaded to join Twitter.


  1. Dogmeat? You HAVE to explain. And farting farriers?? lol!! omg.

    I got your twitter thingy (invite?) lol. I'm so not technologically inclined in these programs. I have a facebook page and don't know what to do with it. lol So I'm still looking into this twitter thing.

  2. Sounds familiar - I only just wrapped my head around the Facebook thing myself.

    Dogmeat - simple thing, the butcher minces up all the offcuts and weighs it out. I collect 90lb of minced mixed offcuts and offal every couple of weeks. The dogs eat it, the cats eat it and the horrible smelly magpie eats it. Sometimes I cook it with veg and sometimes they get it raw. No artificial additives ( I have dogs with allergies)