Friday, 3 April 2009

Thursday night - The Stupid Bitch

So, the infection has happily settled halfway to the palm of my hand, I feel like crap and it takes 4 attempts to tie my hair up. I feel like a total fraud - it's only a bloody finger !
I took the kids off to college as usual and went up to the horses, gave them breakfast and kicked them out. I looked at the stables but I can't get a glove on and feel vaguely sick so I walked away in hope of feeling better later. I got home, took the tablets and spent the day asleep ( good tablets these !)
We were just getting ready to go up to get the horses back in ( me and oldest daughter) when I got a phone call " Can you come up now ? Tasha's been kicked by Harvey", Oh great.
Tasha is a GSD of indeterminate ownership - technically she's mine, all the paperwork says she's mine but she has lived with my friend and yard owner for several years. So I was expecting broken bones and vet bills as I was driving up there.
Turned out it was a panic over next to nothing - I think she's just bruised ( lucky he has no back shoes) and both Andy and his girlfriend Carol were blaming themselves for taking the dogs near the horses. Personally I blame the stupid bitch for running around his back legs when she should know better.
On the plus side of the whole finger issue I got my daughter to muck out and she actually enjoyed it ! And has asked me if I could possibly lunge her on Harvey tomorrow morning !!!!

I don't think she's ridden since last Summer and the last time she rode Harv he took her over a 5 barred gate - I'll let you know how that goes.

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