Monday, 27 April 2009

A wet weekend

Once again it's been a strange and fairly busy weekend. I seem to have a knack of avoiding boredom without even trying. I simply don't have time to be bored !
Saturday morning started out quite promising but quickly degenerated into windy, rainy showers. Gemma was recovering from the Lord Mayor's Ball the night before and suffering from sore feet from wearing heels, Andy was in final preparation for his trip to Scotland and Asti had booked a vet's appointment for midday ( cheers for that !). The horse all got the day off and, once we'd done the necessary and gossiped over coffee we wandered off to do other things. Gemma was hoping for a quiet afternoon but failed on that and I got home just in time to collect daughter and cat and go straight off to the vet's.
To be honest I think an appointment ( even if it's only with a nurse) is a bit OTT just to remove 2 stitches but apparently they don't charge for it and I had to go to settle the bill anyway. Poor Mogwai was not impressed and meowed pitifully all the way there, shivered and cringed on the table and then cried all the way home again.
Still it's done now and we don't have to worry about her getting pregnant or of having fighting toms all over the garden spraying everything and trying to sneak into the house.
13 cats is enough I think.
Harvey turned out to be lame - not horribly so but more "ouchy". I think he may have been trimmed a bit short on Friday - unusual with these farriers but anyone can make mistakes. Hopefully a couple of days of field rest will settle the matter.
On Sunday we managed to bottle most of the orange wine and Asti got her dandelion boiled up,yeasted ( is that a real word ?) and safely moved to the demi jars where it's now bubbling away quite happily.
With Andy away I get the job of looking after the place and the cats, dogs and fish - not really a big deal but this time, just for variety I have a plumber and a tiler sorting out the showers and pulling plasterboards off.
Like I said - no time to be bored !

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